Ludisia discolor - earth orchid
  • Ludisia discolor - earth orchid

Growing Ludisia

Ludisia discolor is generally very easy to grow because the plant copes very well with modern living room conditions. Ludisia discolor is a so-called terrestrial orchid, which roots in soil. The Ludisia is suitable for planting in a light, humus-rich soil, such as a mix of peat and standard potting compost.
It is essential that the mixture is kept moist, though excessive and stagnant water can once again cause rotting. Make sure it is drained well, therefore. A handful of clay pebbles is an ideal way of ensuring drainage. A Ludisia does not have a dormant period, can be grown at temperatures of at least 16oC and thrives in a shady spot. It is also essential to keep humidity relatively high and to ventilate well, but be careful not to place the plant in a draught!

The Ludisia flowers from September to March, with small white flowers on the stem which grows out of the heart of the plant. This orchid can be very simply reproduced by dividing the plant in spring, or by rooting side shoots in water. The shoot can be planted once it has developed enough roots. Older plants often lose their bottom leaves, making them look bare. By taking top shoots and rooting them, you can "rejuvenate" the plant. The Ludisia is also suitable for growing as a hanging plant or together with others in a large dish.

As mentioned earlier, the Ludisia is very simple to grow but is also readily available at many garden centres, often inexpensively.

Have fun with your Ludisia!

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