Ludisia discolor - earth orchid
  • Ludisia discolor - earth orchid

Care tips by the grower

The Ludisia can be kept anywhere around the home. If the Ludisia is not in direct sunlight, the leaf colour will become more intense. The Ludisia is easy to care for and very strong.

The Ludisia will automatically flower every winter, and the shoots which grow after New Year will flower in the following winter. To keep the plant healthy, cut off the flowering stem three centimetres above the top leaf, once it has finished flowering. Ludisia is a terrestrial orchid, which should be planted in a light, humus-rich soil. Water the plant regularly but do not leave it standing in water. Fertilise the plant once every two weeks or once a month using standard plant or orchid food, to make it really happy!

The Ludisia likes a moist environment and will therefore also grow well in your bathroom.

Care tips terrestrial orchid Ludisia discolor

This terrestrial orchid does not require any special care and can easily be cared for along with your other plants!

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